Fire, Smoke, Water and Soot  -  With a fire you typically have the restoration needs caused by the fire, smoke, water and odour. Even the structure and contents not directly damaged by the fire, are typically coated w

    Water damage can be caused by many sources like storms and heavy rains, burst geysers, leaking water pipes, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. Water damage requires a quick response as after 48

Ozone sterilizes the air making it safe from all harmful pathogens like viruses, bacteria and mould spores that could be growing after flood or fire damage.  It also removes any dangerous odours caused by mould or soot. We have ozone machines o

Heavy storms and rains, burst geysers, leaking water pipes, overflowing washing machines and dishwashers etc, all can be the cause of your premises being flooded by water. Water damage requires a quick response as after

After your premises was flooded due to something like a severe storm or a burst waterpipe, the walls and floors can stay damp for an extended period of time. This can cause the soundness of your structure to deteriorate and mould to grow, which is ve

Allsure can provide a professional moisture survey that is done with moisture meters and thermal cameras. Thermal cameras: We use thermal cameras to ascertain where the problem areas are within a room/area affected by water.  Thermal

Contaminated water and Mould:        Premises which has been flooded with contaminated water, for instance sewage water from a burst toilet pipe, should be disinfected to eliminate possible heal

In our secure woodworking workshop, all your damaged wooden furniture can be restored to its former splendour.  Our professional craftsmen will consult you beforehand on exactly how you want the finished product to appear. It is no longer necess

  We have a fully operational laundry service on our premises to assist Insurance clients and other Corporate companies with their laundry requirements. Laundry is collected from your premises and will be returned cleaned and packed profes

Allsure can provide you with a complete inventory and the value of your household or office content.  A detailed list of all the items will be compiled together with a photograph of each item, as well as the current market value of the item.&nb

  Allsure Construction Services is certified as a member of the NHBRC and service the whole of Gauteng Area.   We offer post disaster structural repairs in the event of flood or fire damages as well as new projects and maintena