Contaminated water and Mould:
Premises which has been flooded with contaminated water, for instance sewage water from a burst toilet pipe, should be disinfected to eliminate possible health problems afterwards. Clean water from a leaking geyser pipe for instance, also can be hazardous. Even though floors and walls have been cleaned after being flooded by water, bacteria and mould can still grow in hard to reach places. This can cause dangerous diseases if inhaled or through skin contact.

Aspergilloses This is a disease which affect the respiratory system and can cause health problems like asthma, pulmonary fibroses, nasal congestion, coughing, wheezing etc.

Toxic Mould Syndrome Because it’s so small, mould or fungus spores can even enter your body through your skin, causing Toxic Mould Syndrome. This affects the working of the neurons in your brain causing memory loss, confusion, insomnia, anxiety, etc.

Allsure can properly decontaminate your home, killing all viruses, bacteria and fungi to make your premises safe for you and your loved ones.

Viral diseases like Covid - 19:

According to the new safety regulations imposed by government, everyone should have a safe working and living environment and Allsure can provide that. Our professional Covid - 19 disinfecting service will ensure that your premises are safe to use and free from potential contamination.

Covid-19 virus and other viruses, can only be eliminated when the correct disinfectant is used. The surface disinfectant that is used with our fogging machines, is accredited to eliminate 99.9% of all harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The advantages of applying the disinfectant through fogging machines are:

  • Completely safe to use - The disinfectant is 100% safe and do not harm people, pets or plants.
  • Fast and efficient - The disinfecting fog settles everywhere, adhering to everything and killing all harmful pathogens.
  • It only takes minutes to disinfect a room/office - Large areas can be treated in 20 -30 min.
  • Premises can be used again within 30 min - after fog application Fog disperses when windows are opened, but disinfectant stay on surfaces.
  • Surfaces stay dry - This is the ideal method to disinfect offices with documents, electronics, machinery etc.

Pest Control
Home and Business pest control. Our pest control team will eliminate all those pesky bugs like cockroaches, ants, fleas, mosquitos, bed lice etc.


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