Contaminated water - Heavy storms and rains, sewage and drain overflow - all can be considered as hazardous as it can carry bacteria, viruses etc into your home.

Safe water - Water from burst geysers, leaking water pipes, overflowing washing machines and dishwashers etc. are considered as safe because it does not contain the same potential hazardous bacteria of for instance sewage water. All water and flood damage requires a quick response as after 48 hours many items may no longer be salvageable and may require replacement. Wooden furniture for instance may be salvageable if dried and treated as soon as possible, but if they are left in contact with water over a prolonged time, the wood will start to crack and rot.

Mould - Mould also may start to grow on your structure and your items, which can be very dangerous for your health causing illnesses like Aspergilloses and Toxic Mould Syndrome.

Water extracting machines and pumps: We have water extractors and pumps that can extract flood water and mud from your premises. Thereafter the premises will be cleaned and dried.



Dehumidifiers, Blowers and Industrial fans: Should your floors or walls be damp or wet due to flooding, Allsure shall dry out the structure by installing dehumidifiers, blowers and fans. We shall track the progress of the drying process by taking moisture readings every 3rd day or as needed.

If it is an Insurance claim, we can also provide a full Moisture Survey and Report to your insurer

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