Allsure Flood and Fire Restoration have been serving the South African community since 2007.  As a South African business, we are thoroughly committed to

B- BBEEE as we believe in equal opportunities for all and endeavour to deepen the value we contribute to society.

Over the years we have helped with literally thousands of flood and fire damage claims for all the major Insurance Companies.  

We are the proud Service Providers of:


TELESURE – which consist of the following various companies:

Auto & General, Budget, Dail Direct, First for Women, Woolworths, Virgin Money and Unity







Our company consists of two departments:

 Allsure Flood and Fire Restoration which restores your damaged household contents and Allsure Construction Services which restores your damaged building.

Allsure Flood and Fire Restoration has 3 branches which are located in:

(1)  PRETORIA ( Head office)  -  from here we also serve MPHUMALANGA, LIMPOPO ,NORTH WEST, and even the FREE STATE.

(2)  CAPE TOWN –  from here we serve in a radius of 500km

(3)  DURBAN – from here we serve the South Coast, North Coast and inland KZN.

Allsure Construction Services is located in Pretoria and serve only the Pretoria areas for now.  Our aim however is to also expand in the future to the rest of our branches.

Allsure Construction Services specializes in:

Roof repairs

Ceiling repairs

Boundary wall replacement and repairs

BIC repairs

Cleaning of carpets

Water extraction

Dehumidification of the building