Water damage is caused by many sources like heavy rains, washing machines, dishwashers, burst geysers and pipes.

Water damage requires a quick response as after 48 hours many items may no longer be salvageable and may require replacement.  


 Allsure will:  

  • Contact you immediately to assess the damage and submit a Damage Report and Quotation to the relevant insurance company.

  • Compile a complete inventory with photos of all damaged contents to be uplifted for cleaning, restoration or repairs.

  • Commence the work immediately upon authorization

  • Contents:

  • Uplift, wrap and pack all damaged contents and transport it to our warehouse for cleaning, restoration and repairs.

  • Take utmost care when handling your possessions and ensure that all repairs are done by our trained craftsmen.

  • Eliminate all mouldy odour and mould growth from contents and structure by specialized ozone treatment which kills the mould spores.

  • Treat your garments by removing the odour from your clothing and then washing, drying and ironing it. We have a full laundry service on site.

  • Rust treatment is done to prevent damage to iron furniture, fridges, etc.

  • Water damaged wooden furniture, piano's and even paintings can be repaired.

  • Ensure that all cleaned and restored contents will be properly wrapped, packed and listed for storage or delivery.

  • Store your contents at our safe and secure storage facility if necessary, while your structure is being repaired.

  • Structure:

  • Do structural drying if necessary, through Dehumidification by installing dehumidifiers in the affected rooms.

  • Do water extraction if necessary,  by pumping and sucking the flood water out of the affected rooms and then drying and cleaning the rooms.

  • Remove and Replace all damaged carpets, cupboards and damaged ceilings upon authorization from the relevant insurance company.